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My name is Ashley and I would love to help you to look after the health of your house, your home or your good self.  For me, it is not a dash for cash – I like to understand what you need and achieve the professional result that you are looking for.  I like to take care.


As a plumber, I install and maintain most things to do with water in the kitchen, bathroom and around the house – anything from a dripping tap to a full replacement bathroom or kitchen.  I am not Gas Safe registered so I don't work on boilers or gas fires but I can sort out the health of your radiators and the rest of your heating system.


I also carry out all sorts of house maintenance work– anything from hanging a picture to replacing rotted floor joists.  I take care of shelves, cupboards, assembling furniture and all sorts of handyman work around the house.  I particularly love working with wood – matching up the sizes, styles and details to give a professional finish in your home.

Earth Acupuncture

Are there parts of your home that just don’t feel right?  Places in the garden where the plants don’t seem to thrive?  Have you suffered from poor health ever since you started to sleep in a certain place?  Do you feel that there are unwelcome entities in your home?  If so, I can dowse for geopathic stress and use Earth Acupuncture and other natural techniques to bring things back to a clear and fresh state.  It may sound strange to some folk but you really don’t have to live in a place that feels bad – these things can be cured.


After experiencing a personal miracle cure by homeopathy, I just had to find out more.  So I trained as a homeopath at the London College of Homoeopathy late last century.  I now work with a small number of patients on all sorts of health problems, particularly mental health issues and women’s health.  If you don’t feel right and are looking for a safe and natural therapy, give me a call and we can have a chat.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to talk about how I can help.

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